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I had previously thought the horses in Frozen were just groovy-looking fantasy horses. NOPE! 

Apparently they’re Norwegian Fjords, and they really do have a black stripe in their manes. They also really, actually, do crazy-awesome haircuts on Show Fjords. The haircut that Anna’s horse has seems to be pretty popular. This is like finding out that unicorns are real. Just one of many reasons to visit Norway. <3


Seven deadly sins / Seven heavenly virtues 


Kill La Kill episode 8, 10:38-10:42, Gamagoori blushes when Mako is all excited about his car oh my god this is not how I’m spending my day off please help the disease is inside me


These photos were taken a few seconds apart.


he is clinging onto every syllable 


ya’ll are reblogging this ironically but i think this is just wonderful 

I love this man and I love his show ; ;


How is my bird real